Suspension Tuning Clinics

Suspension set up and tuning

Suspension for Mountain Bikes has been one of the biggest advancements to the sport yet how to get the most of it is still thought of as a “dark art”. There are knobs and levers but they don’t make intuitive sense. Suspension that is set wrong can cause frustration and even safety issues with your bike and how it rides. Through a refined process i can help get your bike set up to you and your riding style. this can allow you to focus on the technique and how you ride instead of trying to compensate for what the bike is doing. 

These are group clinics and includes:

  •  education on how and why suspension works

  • A static setup of your bike as a baseline

  • a dynamic setup of the bike while i follow and see you ride

  • slow motion analysis

  • examples off a properly set up bike vs not

  • Access to TuneCode™ software to track and reset suspension in the future

  • Discount of 10% off your next service at Edgar Bikes