"Great ships are safe at harbor, but that is not what great ships are built for"  - John A. Shedd

We ride our bikes and they break or wear out. After all, if you throw a bike down a mountain or ride it for a full year in the pacific North Wet its gonna need some love. This is not only an issue of vanity - you rely on your bike to carry you out into the outback, jump over stuff, fall off stuff and still carry you back home safely. 

Modern bikes have oil, seals, bearings, aluminum parts, fine adjustments and complex systems. all of these have specific maintenance schedules and require expertise beyond what we have ever seen in the bicycle world before. 

EDGAR specializes in Mountain bikes, suspension and all of those complex systems. We focus on Mountain bikes only so we don't have the typical context switching found in most local bike shops. 

we have the experience and expertise to repair, replace and maintain your bicycles. we maintain our technical certifications and education to make sure we have the highest level of service and attention to detail. We invest heavily in tools and equipment. Each bike is evaluated and only the services it needs are performed. 

We are a full service provider for all brands and makes of Mountain, Gravel and road bikes. We are also a full line dealer and/or support center for:








And many other brands

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Fork Lowers

Recommended to do every 30-50 hours of riding by Fox, RockShox, and many more

Basic seasonal maintenance to replace your dust wipers and get fresh bath oil
Does not include damper bleed or removal of internals

Fork Overhaul

Recommended for every 125 hours of riding or yearly, whichever comes first.

Disassembly of fork, cleaning of internals
Replacement of dust wipers, and new oil
On RockShox forks, all damper and air spring wear parts are replaced
Does not include additional parts

Fork Total Overhaul

Recommended every 200 hours of riding.

Disassembly of fork, cleaning of internals
Replacement of dust wipers, and new oil
In the case of either the Fox FIT damper of the RockShox Charger damper, this rebuild includes overhaul of the damper
Does not include additional parts

Rear Shock Air Can

Removal of air can on rear shock
Cleaning, and replacement of seals
Does not include additional parts

Reverb - Rebuild

Your dropper post has all the same bits as a suspension fork and requires regular maintenance. If its squishy, it needs love

Complete disassembly
Cleaning, and replacement of all wear parts
Does not include additional parts


Full Bike

Covers labor to build a bike from a frame up. If required, preparation of the frame is included

Does not include additional parts

Custom Wheels

Covers all labor to build a new wheel

Unlacing of an old wheel not included
Does not include spokes or nipples

Other Services

Wheel True

We bring your wheel as close to perfectly true and to the proper tension as possible. The degree of perfection and cost of the repair are dependent on the condition of the wheel when it comes to the shop.


Adjust shifting performance and inspect your drivetrain.

Brake Bleed, Adjust, Pads

Per brake
Does not include additional parts or pads

*parts not included in any service price, prices subject to change. if something is broken we will let you know your options before we move forwards with repair.