Edgar Bikes wants to help you be a better mountain biker. 

We believe that any ride has three factors: Fitness, Skills and Gear - we are hear to help with the gear. 

We are a bicycle service company that specializes in making you a better, faster and safer rider through:

Suspension setup, service, ongoing maintenance, and dream builds.

We work directly with our clients, individually to help support the way they ride and help them develop and grow as riders. We service bikes at our shop in Redmond but can pick up or drop off bikes as needed. 

Edgar Bikes has a state of the art facility with the best and latest tools to help take care of your bikes. Each product we carry, we personally use or endorse. We stand behind our work and if there is ever any issue, at all, We make it right. We appreciate peoples’ variations in skill, development, size and approach.

Certified and Experienced

We believe in continuous improvement and learning. Certifications, Online resources and continual education on the products we sell and service are a key piece o the job. We don't rely on memory and have strict quality control practices to make sure your bike is perfect of course mistakes can happen. we firmly stand behind our products and our services. If you ever have an issue please let us make it right. 


I have been riding and working on Mountain bikes since the late 80's. Back then while in High school I started working at a shop called Frankford Bicycle. Jack the head mechanic there decided that i looked like Frankenstein and called me Igor. Within Minutes that name evolved to Edgar. years later people still refer to me as Edgar. So feel free to call me Edgar - But my name is actually Mike.