The Line™ Specializing in progression in mountain biking - From introduction through pro level athletes.

Bike repair, maintenance and accessories _ Edgar bikes is the shop where we make the gear work for you. Suspension tuning sessions and The TuneCode software help get the most for your gear. But as any athlete knows gear only gets you so far.

Fitness - THE LINE™ coaching with help from Build Performance center focuses on motion, flexibility and strength so you can ride better faster and most importantly have more fun. Classes happen regularly at Build under the direction of a top level fitness coach and Personal trainer.

Skills - Mountain biking is a skill to be learned. to that end we coordinate with the best coaches around - Simon Lawton of fluidride has the best coaching classes and workshops.


Contact us for a chat so we can see how we can help you progress in your riding! Every person is different so we work with each person individually to best match your needs

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The Line - Mountain Bike Experience