Suspension Tuning Clinics

These clinics are ideal for all levels of riders and we have seen huge gains form people just starting out to Pro level riders.

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Suspension for Mountain Bikes has been one of the biggest advancements to the sport yet how to get the most of it is still thought of as a “dark art”. There are knobs and levers but they don’t make intuitive sense. Suspension f set wrong can cause frustration and even safety issues with your bike and how it rides. Through a refined process i can help get your bike set up to you and your riding style. this can allow you to focus on the technique and how you ride instead of trying to compensate for what the bike is doing.

These are group clinics and includes:

  • education on how and why suspension works

  • A static setup of your bike as a baseline

  • a dynamic setup of the bike while i follow and see you ride

  • slow motion analysis

  • examples off a properly set up bike vs not

  • Access to TuneCode™ software to track and reset suspension int he future

  • Discount of 10% off your next service at Edgar Bikes


  • 1 RIDER = $150 (2 hours)


*We ask riders to find their own partners for this

What’s included?

Mike will work with you to tune your bike to your weight and riding style. First by a basic overall check that everything works, then a baseline static setup of your shock and fork. Mike will optimize your suspension while you ride through turns, off jumps and drops, and down rock gardens. Mike will also help to ensure your cockpit is ergonomically dialed. (Brake levers, shifters, dropper post lever, etc.). After dialing in your bike, Mike will add your setting to TuneCode™ a proprietary software system so you can always reset it back to perfect on your own or tweak it as you get faster!

Mike offers these education and coaching clinics because, to be a great rider you and your bike need to be balanced and working as one. The bike setup is one important aspect to being an amazing rider but to progress we always recommend taking lessons and learning proper technique.

These clinics are here to help you better understand and set up your bike. we don’t offer Coaching on technique we do however believe having a tuned bike will allow you to get the most from your lessons. We recommend contacting Fluidride for instruction - they are amazing!!

Where does this take place?

We are currently doing our tuning at Duthie Hill Park using a variety of terrain, but other local locations are available upon request for two or more riders. Duthie works great because it's easy to move between the types of terrain we are optimizing the bikes for: bumps, jumps, drops and rocks.

How do I book my time after purchase?

These clinics will take place on set days and times. If those don’t work for you we can arrange a private or semiprivate clinic for tuning. Simply contact Mike at to set up your time to meet (after you purchase, please!). Mike has a flexible schedule and is here to help.

What types of suspension do you tune?

Mike is a SRAM/RockShox certified technician and is well-versed in Fox and most other bicycle suspension systems. He is a professional mechanic with his own bicycle service company and can handle any type of suspension currently on the market.  

What is the benefit of having Mike do this instead of using ShockWiz devices on my own?

Shockwiz is a great tool and can help get your fork or shock dialed in overtime to your riding style. It takes time to set up and to gather data. You also need to be careful to follow the directions and use shock wiz as a suggestion vs an answer. However, to really dial in your bike it takes the eye of an expert. Mike uses high speed video, specific techniques and adjustments based on your riding style, weight, balance point and experiences. He teaches you how suspension works and why each adjustment matters so you know how to replicate that perfect setup again and again, even as you grow and develop as a rider. Mike has extensive experience using the tools of his trade. He is very quick, precise and knowledgeable. It’s amazing to watch him work. Mike will also send you your optimal suspension settings in TuneCode so you will be able to replicate the settings in the future and make ongoing adjustments as needed to keep your bike dialed in.

What if I want to tune more than one of my own bikes?

You are welcome to bring two bikes of your own. If you do so, you will just need to pay the two-person price of $250.