New stuff!

It's been a great first week or so. I've been working on making sure i have the best stuff and the access i need to get your bikes in the best condition possible. So I get to announce that I now carry NOX rims and wheels, Thompson products and I am an official SRAM warranty service center! So exciting to get this off the ground and be able to get in the stuff that i use and depend on personally.

NOX rims are awesome. They are a great price for carbon rims and they make a bunch of different widths. You can get them made with just about any of the recommended hub choices and so far they hold up great under me...which is saying something.

Thompson has always been my go to seat post and stem choice (Older rider use to be Syncros back when i first started - those were the only post i couldn't bend :). now i use and recommend Thompson for stems and seat posts. I've never had any issue with any product they make. Their dropper post is one of the best...but limited in lengths and it is a bit on the expensive side vs. the reverb. ah trade offs.

and SRAM - almost all the bikes i run SRAM drive trains, shocks and forks. They make good stuff and stand behind their stuff. Its actually fun to work on and tends to be innovative and durable. need that squishy reverb rebuilt (because you do) i can do that.



We are open!

Opening any small business can be challenging. The reality is it's also pretty fun to do what you love. For me it's, building cool bikes. A few weeks ago i had the idea to turn what i was doing for fun into my full time job. I figured if i was able to establish some long term customers that i could make a go of this. I also wanted to create something new. First and foremost i aimed at building a business around Mountain bikes. Too often bike shops and services cater to all bikes or road bikes but there just aren't many places for high end mountain bikes. I also found the reality of service for mountain bikes was all about reactive fixing rather than planed for maintenance programs and ongoing help with these complex and expensive bikes. Edgar Bikes specializes in the long term relationship and ongoing upkeep of that expensive and complex investment you have made in a mountain bike.